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Uneven Foundation

Unleveled Foundation

When a house is built on an uneven foundation, The floors and the walls crack which leads to water damage, tiles will not fix the problem, you can’t just cover it up. The windows won’t open or close properly because the frames have become uneven, climate control costs will escalate. The chimney will lean, and separate from the house, or damage the roof. It may even collapse causing harm to people or property. The bricks will crumble and everything will slope and get worse until finally the house will fall apart. You can’t tell on first glance that there’s anything wrong, it looks like a beautiful home. But as time goes on, before you know it, your home is unfit to live in.
When a society is built on an uneven foundation, the walls you build around your borders, and the surface in which your institutions stand upon, will crack, their integrity is compromised, covering up the history will not fix this, no matter what amendments you use to revise and cover it up. Just like water, the truth begins to seep in and tell the real story. You can’t open the windows of opportunity, or limit the exploitation of those who take advantage, and the cost of crime whether petty or organized, armed robbery or insider trading, shop lifting or credit card fraud, becomes unmanageable. The process of ventilation for that place from which you stoked the embers of patriotism, keeping you warm and safe will lean, and separate, and the bricks of pride will crumble, damaging that which protected us, and everything will slope and get worse until finally your society falls apart. You can deny it all you want to and say that you have built the best society on earth, but before you know it, your society is unfit to live in.
The Foundation is uneven and this thing needs to be repaired. Once you put that ball or marble on the floor and let it roll, you can see where the foundation is uneven. Once you get in that car and let it roll through the town you can see it clearly. Installing piers for support to make things level. Some spots are so bad, hydraulics are needed, to lift up the house up to even the foundation. You can’t just cover it up with programs, paint over the cracks with holidays and street signs. You can’t just put statues in the yard, to make it look pretty. We can’t just complain to the broker who sold us the house, sometimes you got to take them to court. Just as a house is built to provide shelter for your family, a society functions to protect its citizens.
There are those who will lie and say the foundation is level, and everything is fine, but they know the truth. There are those who tell us to contain our rage while they openly oppose our progress, our liberties. There are those who will say we are to blame for the conditions of our side of the house, those who have waged wars on us from Rosewood to Tuskegee. From Black Wall Street to the Move Bombing, from Rodney King to Walter Scott. We are told to practice forgiveness and acceptance, we are told to turn the other cheek and that love is the only emotion acceptable from us. We are told Instead of ripping up the cement and starting over, instead of leveling the foundation, accept it. It is just how things are. We are told to get over the uneven foundation and continue to build on something they would never accept for themselves. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and if you don’t like it find another hand to feed you because you certainly can’t feed yourselves. We are told that this foundation doesn’t need to be leveled it’s fine just the way it is, it was better the way it was before you started complaining. Why are you complaining? You’ve got strip malls, chain stores, graveyards, and churches. What else do you want? Look what we’ve done for you. You can work for us, buy from us, go to war and fight, kill and die for us, but don’t you dare challenge us. Don’t you dare question us. You don’t need any help, no hydraulics to lift you up, no government assistance, no free handouts, no free education you don’t use the education we’ve given you now. No free healthcare, you don’t take care of yourselves. If you cared so much about the foundation not being even, why haven’t you lifted up your own side of the house? You need to clean it up and make it look presentable, then maybe we would help you. If you were more well behaved, but you don’t deserve any help. You don’t deserve to have your side of the house even with ours. We don’t act like you. That is why our side of the house looks so much better. If it wasn’t for you, this house would be such a better place to live. Yes this is what we are told time and time again.
The stubborn ignorance, the blinded denial of insecure arrogance. Is the reason this house will fall. Not because you did not know, not because you were never told the damage was there, not because you did not see it for yourself, but because you were not willing to swallow your pride and take accountability for the repair that was vitally necessary to fix what was wrong. The house is falling apart, and when the walls come tumbling down, it will be the result of building it on an uneven foundation.

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