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The Paradigm Shift


The Universal Rhythm is the unwavering law that reverberates throughout existence. It governs the forces of nature, it is our source of consciousness, of possibility, of creation. The Universal Rhythm is the limitless, evolving, source of life. It animates our existence immeasurably, and constantly. The Universal Rhythm is our frequency to unending potential, unending truth, and unending brilliance. We vibrate at the frequency of this rhythm when we tune into the infinite vibrations of it. The vibrations of gratitude, of oneness, of love, of manifestation. These vibrations are infinite components of the Universal Rhythm. When you experience these vibrations genuinely, honestly, without selfish ambition, you create the connection between the Universal Rhythm and yourself. You begin to open pathways to unlock capabilities beyond belief. You are an instrument designed to play this tune. You are the virtuoso, the conductor, the amplifier. Are you listening? Do you like what you hear? Are you paying attention to the rhythm of your life?

I was not always aware of these vibrations, my own abilities and accountability. I was not always listening. I did not understand who I was, or why I was even here on this planet to begin with. I did not understand my connection to the rest of this existence, I blamed others for my condition, I followed the crowd, and I ran from the truth, I denied my own power by giving it away. I gave others responsibility for my happiness and success. I distracted myself from my challenges. I limited myself based on experiences. Those experiences reinforced the beliefs of a world so small, untrustworthy, and cold. A world where I had no control, which gave me the excuse to act out. I acted out with anger, violence, apathy, deviance. These actions led to more of the same experiences of pain, hopelessness, confusion, and even more mistrust. I believed that this was all I would ever experience, and that I just needed to accept it. I looked at others with envy, and wondered why I was given this life and why others experienced an entirely different reality. I did not understand the law of cause and effect because at that time, it never occurred to me that everything was connected, that it all had some purpose and that we created all of it and that made anything possible. Anything! Anything I could imagine? Yes. So this is where I began my journey. A quest to find the Infinite Vibrations of the Universal Rhythm. This is my story and where the shift for me began. The paradigm shift.

To understand rhythm is to understand life. Everything in life has rhythm, vibrations are all around us. Sub atomic particles all around us waiting for us to recognize them, give them our attention, and breathe them into existence. We spend our time and our lives so distracted and fragmented from what is possible, fragmented by the random happenings of the mundane, distracted by devices that tell us how to feel, what to think, where to go, who to love, and when to act. I tuned out of that external and went inside myself and began to understand my rhythm and its power, this pulse and heartbeat that courses through my entire body, this breath that fills me and lifts me up with the invisible force around me, the pace of my step that gate in my stride as I reconnect with my foundation mother matter meta earth grounding balance every step we take is affirmation to rhythm. What tune are you marching to? Where is this rhythm going? Every step is a conscious choice, every beat has intention behind it. Every cause has an effect. To understand rhythm is to understand life. I began to see but I was just a baby. I was reborn into a world where I was now the master of my fate. I had so much to learn, I was ready to begin, this new perspective on life, reality and consciousness. The paradigm shift.

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