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The 5 Glaring Examples of Why Our Society is “Straight up Gangsta Sh!t”


What do politics and organized crime have in common? Everything. As a matter of fact, it is really difficult to tell the difference between the two if you take a look at them from their basic elements. People are often confused by politics, because of bureaucratic language, nonstop propaganda through the media and the presumption that we actually live in a civilized society with laws. The laws only apply to those without any power (prostitutes and junkies), power is how you make the rules, and just so we’re clear; nobody ever gets any power without violence.

I know this is a grim way to look at things, and believe me I tried to fight the fact that this was the reality of the US, but unfortunately it is absolutely true. We may experience glimpses of peace and love in the midst of this world of gangsters, but it’s a cold world, and it’s one big Martin Scorsese flick.

Here are 5 glaring examples of why our society is nothing but straight up “gangsta shit”.

Central Bank = Loan Shark:


A central bank, or monetary authority, is a monopolized and often nationalized institution given privileged control over the production and distribution of money and credit. It is protected by law, but not regulated by law, in short, the Central Bank is “the don”. The loan shark utilizes wealth to call the shots by loaning large sums of money with interest to cons, pimps or drug dealers. He is so powerful he can simply “loan” his endorsement to others. Very rarely will a loan shark loan money to a prostitute or junkie, unless they want some real “dirty work” to be done. They have no allegiance to anyone, but you must pledge your allegiance to them. If you do not pay the loan shark what you owe, they will pay your enemies to kill you, rob you or both. It is very hard to circumvent them, or take their power away. The loan shark can be the most powerful position to be in because if you do not use their resources, they can always get someone else to use them which will give them the power they need to take you out.

Army = Gang:


When we think of an army, we think of an organized military for a nation, protecting its borders and monetary interests. When those interests are threatened, they murder and loot other nations. When we think of a gang, do we not think of a group of armed killers claiming a “turf” and protecting the interests of those who pay them? The gang’s job is to murder and loot. They raise the flag and colors to signify who dominates and controls a territory. The gang takes the territory from its rival by force, the end result is nothing more than to control the junkies and prostitutes in that area. The gang is comprised of younger rank and file soldiers and older gang leaders. The rank and file soldiers are usually instructed to do the dirty work of murdering and looting, while the gang leaders, who did that work when they were young, have now earned their stripes so they can be relied on to create strategies for murder and looting with the least amount of casualties. The reward for the young soldiers is “booty” or a percentage of what they steal, or rape. Rape is used to instill fear and domination over the junkies and prostitutes.

Politician = The Con Artist:

con artists

Politicians are supposedly representatives of people. They speak for the interests of the citizens and regulate the laws and manages the plans and objectives of the government. We are disappointed when we realize that they have been working all along for the interests of the banks and the corporations that line their pockets instead of bettering the conditions and quality of life for citizens. Con artists are usually someone who persuades others into following their ideas and plans, and uses their connections to get their schemes done to benefit themselves and the people that support them. The con artist has got all the connections and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to support the plan, even compromise themselves in order to get you to go along with them. They borrow the money from the loan shark to get it done, they hire the gang to murder on their behalf. The con artist is the pawn for the don. They must do whatever the don wants in order to move up in rank. It’s a cons job to figure out a plan to get the job done. They are often compromised people themselves, simply glorified junkies and prostitutes.

Corporate CEOs = Pimps and Drug Dealers:



We hate to think of our bosses as pimps, but without their payment to us, we cannot provide food clothing and shelter for ourselves and our families. They have us where they want us and they can ask us to do just about anything, if we don’t like what they want us to do, we can quit and go elsewhere to work for someone else, only to realize that you will always have to put up with some level of bullshit no matter who you work for. The same goes for a pimp. He exerts control over the lives of others, using their bodies and work to enrich his own life. If you leave his area of where he does business, so what? Someone else will come along and take your place. Pimps and drug dealers are the people who supply goods and services to the junkies and prostitutes in order for them to survive in the territory they control. You either work for them or you depend on them. The pimp, has control over your body and your mind. If you try to become independent, and provide your needs for yourself and others, you will be met with strong competition and in some cases killed. The pimp owns you, as long as you think you cannot survive without what they provide. The drug dealer owns you, because you are addicted to what they give you. Doctors and drug dealers both diagnose what you need and provide it to you, other types of drug dealers, often called “pushers” advertise what they have knowing you will eventually be addicted to it, to the point where you cannot live without it.

Citizens = Junkies and Prostitutes:



The traditional image of a prostitute is a scantily clad woman offering sex in exchange for money. She has lowered her own value and self worth in order to get what she needs for survival. The truth is, to devalue yourself, and sell yourself short to gain favor, or possessions is a form of prostitution. To willfully exploit oneself, to sell out, to allow yourself to be manipulated by others is to be a prostitute. We can be addicted to whatever activity produces the chemicals in the brain and body that we are addicted to. Junkies and prostitutes work for the pimps and drug dealers. They will do whatever they have to do to feed their fix, or keep what they have or get what they want. The junkies and prostitutes often join gangs in order to gain a little more status or protection for themselves, but hardly ever become pimps or drug dealers themselves. If a junkie tries to get clean or a prostitute tries to provide for themselves, they can escape and get free for a while, but they usually just wind up coming back to the pimps and drug dealers because it’s so difficult to survive without them. If they escape and try to teach others to do so, they will usually be hunted and eventually murdered. They must remain distrustful of each other and never be able to ban together to break themselves free of the game. They must remain uneducated and vulnerable so they never learn how to get clean and provide for themselves.

So, the next time you see someone in government who clearly has a good heart, who is not corrupt, all of a sudden yield to the syndicate of obviously corrupt politicians, consider that they may have received “an offer they can’t refuse.” If you see a social justice leader who is well intended, obviously intelligent, but an outsider, put in a position of authority, consider that they have no real authority, and they would rather play along than “sleep with the fishes”. You can’t replace the don with votes, marches, court appeals and protests. You have to be willing to be gangsta. The only other solution is to get the junkies and prostitutes clean, sober and to recognize their value. If that happens, all this gangsta shit is over.

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