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Gangsta Sh!t Part 3. Pimpin’ Hoes and Servin’ Fiends


The intervention for a nation of fiends and hoes:

Hello America, thanks for taking the time out of your day to have a little conversation, I think you ought to sit down for this. You don’t want to hear this and believe me I hate to be the one to tell you, but it’s time for an intervention. We are in a rapidly spiraling downward behavior pattern that could only get worse the more the country becomes isolated and distant from others. This addiction only leads to rock bottom. Unresolved trauma in the past will continue to trouble us if it continues to go unaddressed. We have a problem, we have to fix this problem and be willing to do what that requires. Addiction is one of the hardest things in life to face. Especially when it is compounded with the type of manipulation that is reinforced by a lifestyle that makes us feel like our survival depends on it. It’s time to face the facts. We are strung out, and we are exploiting ourselves because of it. This is our moment of clarity. It’s time to get clean. Before you go into your defensive rants of denial and an unwarranted, enraged fit of anger, just take a good look at the facts. We have not been dealing with a civilized society, with public servants who have the best interest of anyone other than themselves in mind. This is straight up gangsta shit (from the Latin root “gangstas defecas”). They have us hooked on their product, now they got us all on the hoe stroll, and just like a good bitch, we better have their money.


Why do you think they call it dope?

I’m not talking about PCP. Although I am talking about a hallucinogen. The hallucinations of this drug are much worse and can last a lifetime. The drug I’m talking about is PCI. Also known as Propaganda Counterintelligence and Indoctrination: We inject this directly into our brains through the computer, smart phone, television, radio, newspaper or magazine. Don’t be fooled, it’s everywhere. It finds its way into school textbooks, religious ideology, and even job policy. The easiest way to spot an addict is if you hear them repeat terms like race baiters, ghetto, welfare queens, liberals, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, illegal aliens, terrorists, thugs, the N word, the B word, and any other label that dehumanizes others and categorizes other human beings into a one dimensional character. Sometimes an addict will even self categorize out of a delusional fog this drug creates. Hallucinations of democracy, patriotism, education, equal justice, freedom, American exceptionalism, trickle-down economics, will persist and cloud perception and judgment. Side effects include identity crisis, cognitive dissonance, racial prejudice, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, self righteousness and ignorance.


Pimped out

If you are working a full time job, and you cannot save, enjoy and invest in anything, other than bills, you are basically being pimped. If you have a large line of credit, or receive a large upfront advance of money, that enables you to charge large sums of money, and acquire large sums of debt, that overtime you pay interest on, you are being pimped. If you have somebody telling you that you are not beautiful enough, that you need surgery on your nose, your lips, your breasts, your butt, or anywhere on your body, and you give them money to fix it, you are being pimped. When you can’t stop ingesting something that is killing you, whether it is food, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, poisoned water, or demonstrating some sort of behavioral that is detrimental to your quality of life, like gambling, excessive shopping, you are being pimped. If you are paying taxes, and pledging allegiance to a nation that is not granting you equal protection, equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity, then you are being pimped. The pimps will run the same game on you over and over that they need to look at all the factors, or that it is actually your fault, and because you are an addict that depends on the pimp for your fix, you will trick your own mind into believing the hype. You may even know it’s wrong but it has become so comfortable for you that you that you may even feel guilty for complaining and say to yourself and others that things aren’t that bad, or that they could be worse, or that you can’t do anything about it. One of the pimps favorite lines are, “If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.” This is the type of distortion addiction does to the mind. It creates a sense of hopelessness and acceptance of detrimental conditions, and destroys the will to demand something better, and discourages others who may express their will for a better condition for themselves and you, America.



Another tactic the pimp uses, is to get one of his top hoes to convince you that the pimp is right. This hoe repeats the words of the pimp. This hoe knows exactly what to say and knows how to make the pimp game seem like it makes sense, like it’s the best option you have, even though they know it isn’t. You begin to believe that there is a difference between you and the conventional image of a prostitute who works a city street corner, or the high priced escort, or the sex slave inside of a human trafficking ring, or the prisoner behind bars of a correctional facility, or the slave in the early centuries of the country, or peasants in countries of the developing world, but there is really little difference between their reality and yours, if you are trading your time for only enough money to maintain survival, while someone else is paying for their grandchildren’s grandchildren to go to Harvard off of your work, and your upward mobility potential is reduced to winning the lottery or selling narcotics. In fact, your addiction to sneakers, diamonds, chocolate, smart phones, automobiles, and the other luxuries only keeps those people in the enslaved positions they are in. That is just how deep this pimp game goes.


The Players, the Pimps, the Pushers and the Kingpin

There is a war on your mind, for your mind. The second an opposing view comes through the door, somebody starts using the same old arguments to silence you, and keep you from thinking for yourself. The second someone tries to get you to look at things differently, they are demonized and ridiculed and discredited. Next thing you know you are hit with a barrage of buzzwords, and images, and excuses, and statistics for why you are to blame for everything that is wrong, and not the people who benefit. Not the pimps and pushers themselves, but you, the one who is trying to get clean. This is the number one defense for the ones who are at the top. The usual suspects are behind this drug, and their pimp game is mad strong. They have been called by many names, the 1%, “too big to fail”, Council of 300, the illuminati, Bilderberg, but I am going to just call them who they truly are; Original Gangstas. Most of them got their money about 5 centuries ago selling people and heroin, since then they have expanded their business into just about everything you can think of. They have opened legitimate businesses to hide their drug trafficking, human trafficking, extortion, murder, bribery, and other forms of criminal behavior. They have infiltrated every aspect of society and have got the game on lock. They are the loan sharks, but we often call them financial institutions. They are the con artists but we call them legislatures. They are the pimps and pushers and we call them industrialists and corporate CEO’s. They have stacked the deck, and sown the game up so that you can participate, but not win. We find ourselves trying to play chess on a monopoly board. While we do the us against them, they buy the property, charge you rent, and send you directly to jail. We are moving like pawns, one square at a time while they are rolling the dice, and literally run circles around everyone else. We cannot compete against them as long as we are divided, and we can’t come together as long as we are hooked on their product. If we do not form our support group of Intersectionality and solidarity, this gangsta shit will continue. The pimps will keep pimpin’ and the pushers will keep pushin’. Until they sow the game completely up, and America, you can’t go out like that.

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