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Gangsta Sh!t Part 2: The Global Elite Cartel Vs. The White Nationalist Syndicate

Clinton Vs Trump

The continuing saga of the Washington DC turf war is beginning to heat up. Will Clinton release her transcripts to the Wall St. speeches? Will Trump release his tax returns? This year’s October Surprise promises to be more exciting than ever. Who will get your vote? What’s in it for you? Is the fix in? Let’s take a closer look at this matchup between the two very best in organized crime.

The Global Elite Cartel

Hillary Pandering

Yes, it looks like your former “Goldwater Girl” who has flip flopped more bullshit than a McDonalds spatula, has whipped and Nae Nae’d her way into your clogged little hearts, and now she’s got hot sauce in her bag of tricks for all you super-predators out there. Making it rain when she’s spending your tax money to drone strike the shit out of the Middle-East, she’ll send you an autographed post card of her landing under sniper fire. The Clinton Kingpin has been running game since Arkansas was the drop off spot for Oliver North’s connect. They fooled us before back in the day with the ol’ Blue Eyed Soul Brother Saxophone trick. When it comes to us, seems to work every time. Ask yourself; “Have our compassionate 1% billionaire class of international bankers and multinational corporate hustlers all of a sudden decide to cut the rest of us in on the deal? Bring their factories back home? Break up the big banks?” Scientific studies in the field of Americanology have compiled decade’s worth of compelling data giving substantial proof that this hypothesis makes absolutely no fucking sense. What would you do if you, being the selfish, ruthless gangsta you are, could dominate the flow of currency, trade and business from a consolidated government and military for the entire world? You don’t exercise that much control over your own house right now, but you wish you could. Those loan sharks behind Clinton could give a damn which brand of fascism any of us are into. As long as you think you can protest, appeal through the courts, and vote for your choice, win or lose they can keep you in the game. Sprinkle in a dash of tokenism. Promoting and advancing a small number of you that vow to uphold the status quo and advance their agenda. This makes the others behave because they believe they got next. All that marching, appealing, voting, organizing and protesting is for you, so is obeying the law and paying taxes. Your fragmented rebellion is pointless.

The White Nationalist Syndicate


If you are Black Republican, you are depriving a loving family of maggots a hearty meal, while simultaneously wasting perfectly good oxygen. For the environment, and the rest of humanity, help yourselves to a tall glass of freshly squeezed bleach. I promise it will make your organs white as Paul Ryan’s convention intern selfie. Don’t worry, I didn’t invite you to the cookout because I’m sure you will be across town at the “All Lives Matter” Rally and Dylan Roof fundraiser with David Duke delivering the keynote address. We’ve read the tweets. We heard Steve King’s comments on Western Civilization, we watched Laura Ingram’s Nazi salute, we know about the spike in gun ownership and White Power organizational membership. We’ve know the facts, and fiscal responsibility and small government is not the reason why you are a republican. The White Nationalist Syndicate (WNS), has been around since the beginning, they fought to maintain the confederacy against Lincoln, back then they called themselves democrats. They kept segregation going for a century afterwards. Then they became republican to fight to maintain that segregation against Johnson. Now they are fighting to keep you out of the White House, and keep more of your people from coming across the border. This is where most of the NFL team owners campaign contributions go, along with the majority of companies that advertise during their games. They fear that interracial relationships, abortion and birth control are being promoted in their communities intentionally to bring down their population numbers. They fear that with our help, a foreign group of people will take over their land and force a religion and culture on them that is not theirs and erase their customs from society. They fear that one day you will do to them what they have done to you. They want to maintain the kind of fascism that gives them privilege. They benefit directly from a problematic immigration system. It doesn’t take science to see where they are coming from.

Indeed a tough match up. A hard choice indeed. Mostly because they are so hard to tell apart from each other. This thing could really go either way. As the fate of the free world hangs in the balance, between global tyranny or cultural hegemony and religious fanaticism, the people patiently wait… for football season. Stay tuned as the saga unfolds.

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