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Shattering the Mirror

Why does the internal struggles of self-hatred torture my consciousness in a paralyzing contradiction of rage and humility? Because we stretch our arms as far as we can, but we never seem to touch even the closest stars. Don’t get ...

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Uneven Foundation

When a house is built on an uneven foundation, The floors and the walls crack which leads to water damage, tiles will not fix the problem, you can’t just cover it up. The windows won’t open or close properly because ...

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Waiting on Forgiveness

They live out of their 1986 Toyota Truck, She turns tricks whenever she can and he just tries to stay one deal ahead of his addiction. He can park on the busy street where there’s no parking meter and shoot ...

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The Paradigm Shift

The Universal Rhythm is the unwavering law that reverberates throughout existence. It governs the forces of nature, it is our source of consciousness, of possibility, of creation. The Universal Rhythm is the limitless, evolving, source of life. It animates our ...

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To those who know the truth and reject it, and refuse to consider possibilities that are infinitely orbiting your consciousness waiting to be imagined. A child in us waiting for guidance by the trusted elder, that potential sitting at the ...

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