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Jeffrey Shabazz
Poet, Playwright, Performer


Jeffrey Shabazz (also known as Jeff Campbell) has been a part of Denver’s creative community for over two decades, as a pioneering Hip Hop and spoken word artist, as well as a facilitator of arts in education programs for Colorado’s youth in public schools. In 2015, He was named one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creative’s. He is also the writer of the critically acclaimed “Who Killed Jigaboo Jones?” a One Man Mockumentary on the Hip Hop Industrial Complex, and also “Final Fight of the Freedom Fighter” a comedic play about the complexities of intersectionality in activism. His brand of “Post Hip Hop Expressionism’ flows from the influence of the culture, without having to conform to its conventional identity. His work is rooted in social commentary from his own personal experience.


I write to create powerful, healthy and meaningful relationships. I live to connect with people whom I have mutual respect and appreciation for. I value people in my life that I can depend on and they know they can depend on me. I believe in speaking my mind, and not holding back on my opinions and ideas. Please feel free to critique, debate, affirm, and add on.

Through cultural creative self expression, whether I am writing, performing, speaking or facilitating dialogue, I want to give to people a vision of my experiences, ideas and opinions that have shaped the person I’ve become. I wish to stop resisting the calling of being a channel for divine spirit to speak through me, and openly allow expression to flow through me from a place of authenticity that does not make others feel judgment but recognizes the ability of all of us to reach our highest potential.

It is my passion to move people in such a way that they gain a deeper insight into their own struggles as I share mine. My intention is to be a window in a readers mind, that enables them to see possibilities they could not see before, and pursue them with confidence and vision. Furthermore, I intend to be a mirror, so that people can see that although our approach may be different in life, as human beings we are all seeking the same love, acceptance and fulfillment of everything we aspire to represent.


I am aspiring to give weekly content that examines the ugly truth, particularly around social justice, and delving into alternative perspectives of what shapes our society, beyond the perspectives of main stream corporate mass media. I understand my opinion is my own, and so are my experiences. Whether you find it entertaining, informative or inspiring is entirely up to you.


Please subscribe to this blog. I am in the process of developing a monthly newsletter, that will include articles, interviews, merchandise, giveaways, announcements of live performances, and columns from guest writers.


  1. Christy Laracuente

    I’m excited to see what you write. ???

  2. apostle, i’m your fan…!!
    i live in south korea.
    i keep your album, ‘DAYZ OF DARKNESS’ and ‘LAST OF A DYING BREED’

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